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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of pool filter is the best? 

 A: There is a lot of confusion about various filters, and many different opinions. Here are a few facts to consider. The first is that a pool can be properly maintained with any of the filter systems available: Sand, Cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth (DE). 

You really need to define “best” in order to determine which of the filter types work for you: 

  • If you want bulletproof - sand is a great choice.
  • Low maintenance would lead one to choosing cartridge.
  • The cleanest water might lead you to select DE.

All three types of swimming pool filters work.  So, it really depends on your needs and desires for your pool. 

 Q: How often will I need to clean my filter? 

 A:  That will depend on the type of filter you have.  Generally speaking, all cartridge and D.E. filters should be cleaned twice a year, once at the end of swim season (approximately late October or early November here in the Phoenix area) and again at the beginning of the swim season (approximately the last week in April or early May).  This will ensure that your filters are doing their job and removing any contaminants, dirt and debris in order to keep your pool looking its best and helping to maintain proper chemical balance in your water.  Regularly cleaning the filter also saves money by helping all our equipment last longer.

 Sand filters should be “cleaned” (by clean that means reversing the flow of water by “backwashing” the sand bed) any time the pressure rises 10 PSI above the starting point of a clean filter, or any time there are issues with chemical balance or the water starts to turn green after the sand is a few years old.  Pool professionals can run several tests to determine if it’s time to change the sand or not.  Generally, sand filters should have the sand replaced every 3 years depending on how much use your pool gets. 

  Q: Why is my pool green?

 A: A dirty or broken filter is usually the most common cause of cloudy water. Green pool water can also be a bad chemical balance that usually has to do with chemicals other than just low chlorine.  It may seem that simply adding more chemicals or even “shocking” (or super chlorinating) the pool should clear it up.  However, that is not always the case and, that in and of itself may not clear up the water.  There may be many reasons for this but let’s look at a couple:

  •   Stabilizer - Stabilizer or cyanauric acid levels can become elevated over time rendering the chlorine molecules useless. High stabilizer can cause the CL2, or chlorine molecules to "lock-up" making the chlorine an in-effective sanitizer. The leading cause of high stabilizer is normally on pools that use chlorine tablets. The tablets, specifically "tri-chlor" tablets have stabilizer in them and over a period of time can become out of control. You may still get a very high chlorine reading on your test kit, yet the chlorine is simply not able to work.
  • Phosphates - High phosphate levels can surely cause algae problems. Phosphorous levels can increase due to spraying fertilizer on lawns and shrubs. If you spray fertilizer near or around your pool, phosphorous from this can drift in the pool water raising the level. Rainwater can also carry this to the pool. Algae feed on phosphates. This can become overwhelming in the summer months when the water temperature exceeds 78 - 82 degrees F. This is treatable with the proper phosphate remover.

 Q: Will my pool turn green if I don’t add chlorine?

 A:  The answer is yes. Pool water must have a sanitizer or something that will kill bacteria and algae. Algaecide alone without chlorine will not prevent the pool from turning green.  Ozonators and mineral packs are excellent at oxidizing the water but will not sanitize it allowing algae and germs to grow.

 Q: How long should I run my pool timer?

 A: If your pool is green this does not apply.  A pool pump must run long enough to reach a certain "turnover rate" Turnover rate is the time it takes for the circulation system to move the number of gallons equal to the volume of water in the pool through the filter equipment.  It is recommended to set the pool pump timer to achieve 3 times the turnover rate each day.

This is also a seasonal thing. Generally speaking, during the hot summer months, an average size residential pool should filter for a minimum of 8 hours. Since algae has a difficult time growing in cold water the time can be cut in half during the cold season or when the pool gets no use. The pool water will need to be filtered whether it is being used or not.

 Q: I have a salt pool (salt cell or salt generator) so my pool is chlorine free correct?

 A:  This is a common misconception by most people.  Actually Salt-water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt (2,500–6,000 ppm) as a store for the chlorination system. The chlorine generator (also known as salt cell, salt generator, salt chlorinator) uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt (NaCl) to produce hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which are the sanitizing agents already commonly used in swimming pools. As such, a saltwater pool is not actually chlorine-free; it simply utilizes a chlorine generator instead of direct addition of chlorine by means of shock, tablets or bleach.

 Q:  What should I look for when selecting a pool service company? 

 A:  There are many factors when selecting a pool service company that you may want to consider.   Here are a few that we would recommend;

  • All technicians are CPO trained and licensed
  • Company should be licensed, bonded and insured with all certifications current and up to date
  • Technicians should not be paid by the pool.  This is a common practice among pool companies.   This means that the more pools an individual completes in any given day, the more money he has the potential for making.  This can often lead to rushed service, not taking the time to examine any and all potential issues and/or not properly calculating chemical balances of pools and spa’s and insuring that any and all chemicals are added.  
  • Communication is key.   You should know what is going on with your pool at any time.  Your pool technician should be able to provide answers to any questions you have within a reasonable amount of time if not immediate.
  • Professionalism.  Pool Technicians should be professional and courteous at all times and the companies website should provide a good insight into the companies history, certifications and licenses.  Simply put, if their attire is sloppy, their truck is a mess and they appear cheap in their practices or pricing, they are not professionals.

Q: Why should I choose Precision Aquatics to be my pool service company?

A:  We pride ourselves on our service and our ability to handle any pool issues and all your service needs timely, professionally and at a fair and equitable cost. 

Our technicians are all CPO (Certified Pool Operators) trained and licensed by the National Spa and Pool Foundation. The company is licensed, bonded and insured and our pool technicians are salaried so they take the time to make sure each pool is operating safely and efficiently. 

 We believe it’s time for the customer to get what they are paying for.  Our priorities are the best pool service for the best price in that order.  Many claim to offer great pool service and may even appear knowledgeable, only to end up disappointing customer after customer because in fact, they don’t know what they are doing, don’t have the proper training and/or proper licensing and insurance and, ultimately don’t care if they keep you as a customer or not. 

Spend your money wisely; hire professionals.  Hire Precision Aquatics. 

Contractors Licenses
CR-06 #296621 Commercial & Residential Pool Service & Repair
CR-36 #296620 Commercial & Residential Pool Finish (Pebble Tec, Plaster, Fiberglass)
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